Acrylic boards and blocks for LED

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LED diodes are currently the standard color light source and are increasingly being used to design shop windows, billboards and illuminated advertisements, replacing neon and fluorescent lamps. The new group of panels and blocks for LED lighting are products with the LED System label. These are white cast plates. Their unique formula and excellent optical properties guarantee maximum illumination at the lowest cost - thanks to the use of a smaller number of LEDs.

Benefits and adventages

  • Scattering properties - LEDs with a sharp scattering angle (from 40º to 140º) can be seen as small dots of light. LED System panels and blocks prevent the dot phenomenon, because they optimize equal scattering on the advertising surface
  • The boards can be used in light boxes up to 7 cm thin
  • Possibility of designing thinner letters
  • Greater design freedom than neon systems
  • They provide safe, environmentally friendly systems with low maintenance requirements and high durability
  • Resistant to UV radiation, which prevents discoloration and allows longer retention of mechanical properties
  • Light transmission is always 50%, regardless of the thickness of the plate.


  • Advertising: LED panels, advertising panels, shop windows, stands, exhibition spaces, etc.
  • Architecture: LED decoration of shops, public spaces, etc.


We have in stock:

  • 3mm OPAL LED SYSTEM 2030x305010mm 
  • OPAL LED SYSTEM 2030x305030mm 
  • OPAL LED SYSTEM 2030×3050mm