PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) - acrylic panels are solid and naturally transparent materials. In our country, they are better known as Clearite or Plexiglas. They can be colored to achieve an almost infinite range of colors and levels of light transmission. This is the only plastic material that has natural UV protection.

A large selection of boards, neutral, translucent, white, light-permeable and transparent, with a glossy or matte surface, offer a great possibility of application for various purposes and needs of designers. PLEXIGLAS boards can be extruded (XT) or cast (cast CN)Each production process provides different technical parameters. Experience has shown that cast and extruded plates can be used alternately. Anyway, the final selection of the plate type is made depending on the purpose, technical requirements and price. We also offer a wide range of special boards:

Gold and silver mirrors - lightweight, hard to break, easy to handle, perfect for interior design and advertising

Prism boards - slightly embossed on one or both sides, used for light installations and glazing
HI (high-impact) boards - colorless panels with increased impact resistance and exceptional mechanical properties
UVD boards - they transmit UV rays and are used in cast iron solariums. LED panel system - opal with light transmittance LT = 50%, used with LEDs. They provide perfectly even, mild and pleasant light. UV-stable and with a 10-year guarantee for: discoloration, light transmission and strength
Dual Satin boards - matt on both sides, slightly sanded surface, imitate the effect of frosted glass, scratch resistant.
Black&White and Color&White boards - changing color when they are lit, black during the day, white at night !!!
Metal&Pearl boards - imitate metal or pearl surfaces; perfect for commercials and interior design
Fluo and Soft Fluo boards - with shiny edges
Vision boards - single-sided and double-sided panels designed for multimedia projections
Essential boards - very resistant to chemicals
Block - from 25 mm to 200 mm thick, used for advertising and interior design
SRD boards - great for sound barriers
Boards for the aviation industry - used for aircraft and have a German quality certificate required for use in the aviation industry


  • Advertising:
    Backlit boards and panel, installations of lights (lamps), exhibition stands, shelves, shelves, etc.
  • Architecture:
    decoration of stands and equipment for shops, door filling, glazing, partition walls, roof skylights
  • Car industry:
    headlights, headlights and taillights, spoilers, license plates
  • Special use:
    solariums, car wash walls, protective housings for machines and equipment, greenhouses and conservatories, sound insulation of highways

Benefits and adventages

  • Unrivaled transparency (92%, maximum transparency of any material physically possible)
  • Exceptional resistance to UV rays and various atmospheric influences
  • Excellent resistance to many corrosive chemicals
  • Simple mechanical and thermal processing
  • Certified for contact with food products
  • Recyclable


  • Dimensions:
    Cast boards: 2030 × 3050 mm,
    Extruded boards: 2050 × 3050 mm
  • Thickness:
    Cast boards 2-40 mm
    Extruded boards: 1.5 - 15mm
    Tolerance thickness of extruded boards according to ISO 7823-2: 2003: thickness - 1.5 mm - 2.9 mm +/- 10% thickness - 3 mm - 20 mm +/- 5%
    Tolerance of cast boards thickness according to ISO 7823-1: 2003: thickness - 0.4 mm +/- 10%
  • Please note the possible thickness deviations according to the permitted standards for these materials.