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HPL compact boards

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HPL (High Pressure Laminates) are laminates type EN 438, EDF, produced in lamination presses under high pressure and temperature. Hardened PU-acrylic resin provides mutual high resistance to atmospheric conditions, which allows the use of these panels for cladding facades and filling balcony railings. HPL laminates are often used as raw materials in the modern furniture industry. The variety of plate types and special variants with aluminum layers in the core allows the design of the most different shapes.

We can offer a large selection of standard formats, with the largest range of colors, as well as specially printed boards to order (HPL Max Individual Decor boards).


  • EXTERIOR HPL boards:
    Ventilated facades
    Decorative facade panels
    Covering the balcony
    Terrace fences
    Attic panels
    Restaurant tables
    Park benches
    Furniture for children's playgrounds
  • INTERIOR HPL boards:
    Sanitary partitions
    Self-supporting door
    Shower cabins
    Kitchen furniture in commercial and public buildings
    Ceilings and wall coverings in laboratories, hospitals, etc.
    Elevator car
    Cabinets in sports facilities, swimming pools


  • Cutting - hand-held circular saws with guide, hand saws with reinforced blades, circular saws, table saws
  • Drilling - hand drills (during drilling the boards must be placed on a wooden base)
  • Metal drills are the best (high speed steel)
  • Planing - electric machines
  • Milling - manual spindle milling machines, manual table milling machines for edge processing
  • Bonding - silicone adhesives
  • Contour cutting - arc saw

Benefits and adventages

  • Large selection of standard formats
  • Max Individual Decor - boards with custom printing
  • Large color palette
  • Possibility of connecting elements
  • High durability (high surface strength, high bending resistance, tear resistance)
  • Exceptional biological and chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to various atmospheric conditions (the freeze-thaw cycle)
  • Resistance to rot and biological corrosion
  • UV stability
  • Easy processing and assembly
  • Ease of cleaning and sterilization
  • Insensitivity to water and steam


  • Dimensions:
    2140×1060 mm
    2800×1300 mm
    4100×1300 mm
    2800×1850 mm
    4100×1850 mm
  • Thickness range:
    6 - 12 mm for boards used outdoors
    2 - 40 mm for panels used indoors
  • Perforated phenol Alu-Compact plates (with aluminum filling) with increased resistance to chemical agents (for laboratory counters), plates with metal surface (aluminum, copper, steel)
  • Colors: a wide range of colors, including metallic, wood and abstract patterns
  • It is also possible to make a special order.