Structural polycarbonate sheets

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Structural (capillary) polycarbonate sheets better known as Lexan whose manufacturer is the world's largest polycarbonate company: Sabic Innovative Plastics. Lexan Thermoclear LT2UV panels are the only ones on the market that have UV protection on both sides as standard, which eliminates the risk of incorrect installation (eg the wrong side facing the sun). These plates are obtained by co-extrusion of polycarbonate resin. They have ITB technical approvals and many other certifications. We also offer aluminum profiles, seals, tapes and cleaners.

These boards can also be found under other names such as Lexan, Macrolon Bayer, Macroclear, etc.


  • Roofs and skylights, vertical glazing of industrial, sports and commercial buildings.
  • Skylights, light domes - flat and convex
  • Transparent roofs in passages and lobbies, canopies for bus and train stations, canopies in front of building entrances, etc.
  • Safety transparent filling of doors and windows
  • Conservatories, verandas, loggias, winter gardens
  • Greenhouses
  • Interior elements of the exterior, e.g. partition walls, suspended ceilings
  • Other structures, e.g. solar energy collectors (solar panels), acoustic screens, protective barriers

Benefits and adventages

  • Atmospheric resistant (10 year manufacturer's guarantee - discoloration index Macrolon boards is 2 to 3 times lower than other co-extruded boards)
  • Exceptional light transmission
  • High toughness and low weight
  • Excellent thermal insulation (heat transfer coefficient U up to 0.9 W / m2 / K)
  • High impact resistance
  • Cold bending
  • Plates with special characteristics: increased impact resistance, NO DROP versions, EASY CLEAN (easy to clean), SOLAR CONTROL (solar control), etc.
  • ITB technical approvals and many other certifications


  • Available dimensions
  • Possible standard dimensions
    -2100 (ili 1250)x7000mm
    -2100 (ili 1250)x12000mm
    -2100 (ili 1250)x13000mm