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About us

The company "CEBOS" was founded in 1991 under the name "CEBOS" -Plexiglas center. The company distributes repromaterials for construction, visual communications, interiors, exteriors…

In 2021, our company celebrates 30 years of existence and successful work. 

The company headquarters is in Sarajevo - with a warehouse for repromaterials of about 2,000 m2 and a business facility of 900 m2, owned by the company. 

Top offer

Plexiglas products

CEBOS offers: processing and production of plexiglass products: all types of racks, shelves, pendants, furniture and accessories. In addition to this, we offer laser cutting and engraving of top quality plexiglass.


Transparent plexiglass partitions

CEBOS offers you the production of all types of partitions in offices or other workspaces. Feel safe and secure in the fight against COVID-19. 


Introducing the GOQ - Korea LED program with SAMSUNG chips. Top quality LED products of the latest generation, SAMSUNG components, 5 year warranty, TOP QUALITY!  

Representative for BiH CEBOS - Your partner in the advertising and construction industry.

The company Cebos has been authorized to represent and distribute the products of the largest European company SABIC, whose brand is LEXAN - Polycarbonate panels. We are pleased that the highest quality product in the world is now available to our customers when it comes to polycarbonate products. These are products that, compared to all other manufacturers, have mutual UV protection and a warranty of 10-15 years or more.


and many other clients ...


and many other clients ...

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