Your partner in the advertising industry and construction

CEBOS Plexiglas Center- Your partner in the advertising industry and construction

Company ”CEBOS” was founded in 1991 under the name "CEBOS"- from the start company has been dealing with visual communications in line with the latest trends. Today "CEBOS" is known as Cebos- Plexiglas center. The company distributes repromaterials for construction, visual communications, interiors, exteriors… The headquarters of the company is placed in Sarajevo - the capitalcity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cebos ownes a warehouse for repromaterials of about 2,000 m2 and a business facility of 900 m2, owned by the company. 

We have established business relationships with many European and Asian companies such as: Reflectiv - France, Irpen-Spain, Lexan - Netherlands, Tuplex- Poland, Isik Plastik - Turkey, Rishang, Surmountor, Jinbo, Mean Well, Yingchuangplastic - China, GOQ - Korea, Titanium -Thailand.

Company  Cebos- Plexiglas center  after 30 years of operation, continues to sell repromaterials such as: PLEXIGLAS, LEXAN, FOREX, ALUBOND, LED components and other materials used for the production of visual communications and construction. Today, after three decades, the company CEBOS has a strong position in the BiH and regional market.

In cooperation with our business partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, China, Korea, Thailand and Serbia, CEBOS offers fast delivery and good stocks of all materials, what makes "CEBOS" a leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cebos- Plexiglas center is a leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With the daily increase of customer numbers, with the expansion of the product range and quickly adapting to a new trends leads to the secure and promising future of the company "CEBOS".

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