ALUBOND Alu composite boards

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Reynobond is an exclusive product of Alcoa Architectural Products. These are modern, lightweight, solid and durable facade boards composed of 0.5 mm thick outer aluminum layers, with a low-density polyethylene core or with a modified refractory core. Hot aluminum is painted with a special Duragloss 5000® technology, which achieves extreme resistance to atmospheric conditions and discoloration.

Modified core boards are classified as refractory. The material is approved by ITB, no. approvals AT-15-3524 / 2006. Reynobond 55 panels have a rich color palette including decorations reminiscent of wood. We also offer matching colors for specific installations.

Benefits and adventages

  • Duragloss 5000® gives shine up to 85%
  • A wide range of colors - patterns like wood
  • Fast delivery of samples and matching colors for existing installations
  • High corrosion resistance (caused by atmospheric influences)
  • Low deformation rate (strength, toughness)
  • Easy to process and assemble
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Bending resistance
  • Laganije od punih ploča ( 3.4 puta od čeličnih i 1.6 puta od aluminijumskih)
  • Flat surface
  • Color fastness
  • Sound attenuation
  • Possibility of creating spatial structures
  • High fire resistance


  • Cutting - bumper jar (accessory for drill)
  • Bending - pyramidal machines with three rollers
  • Sawing - circular saws, bow saws, table saws, flat saws
  • Bending - using U-shaped or X-shaped strips for small-format edges
  • Milling - V-shaped or concave-bottom milling machines that allow free product formation
  • Bending - by means of a lever for bending long plates or by means of narrow benders
  • Drilling - aluminum drills
  • Zumbanje – zumbalica



  • Nailing
  • Coffer-type coating, KU 5NVA
  • Coffer-type coating, KH 35


  • Facades of public buildings (hotels, banks, schools, etc.), commercial buildings (business buildings, shopping malls), residential buildings, including buildings larger than 20 m (panels with modified or refractory core);
  • Interior: partition walls, ceilings and wall coverings, office counters, column coverings, etc


  • Width: 125 cm and 150 cm
  • Length: 320 cm, 420 cm and 600 cm